Monday, March 29, 2010

Why is Everybody Always Mad at Me???

Today everyone left the house mad at me …

The hub is pissed cause I asked him a question before he left for work. I believe I am harassing him … hhhhmmmm?

Adorable pre-teen is mad because I made him take his science project display board to school because it is due today.  I can't take it for him, (which I actually offered to do for him...I am such an ass) because I am not allowed on campus at ANY time for ANY reason when he is there because it would mortify him. I believe this is child abuse … hhhhmmmm?

Bio-teen is furious with me cause … well so many reasons. One, I forgot to tell her we are leaving for spring break a day earlier than she thought … this is sorta legit and I have apologized up and down (wait, I am a huge ass).  Two, cause I wouldn't let her stay home this morning so she could catch up on her homework ... huh??? ... reasons three to 1,200 are about similar crap … and reason number 1,201 for her to be mad at me is that she is sick …   
Maaamm, God why am I ALWAYS sick???
Honey, I think you need to get more sleep?
Are YOU serious right now?  That has nothing to do with it.  Weren't you always sick when you were my age? … kinda clever … but,
No Darling Girl, I was almost never ill when I was your age.
Oh right, yeah, sure mom... she walks off mumbling  crazyyyyyy …

I have yet to figure this out, but I AM TO BLAME, make no mistake about it … just not sure why … hhhhmmmm??

SO many mysteries so little interest. Whatevs … stay mad at me … maybe you can go live with your friends whose moms are better, smarter, nicer, prettier (well maybe not) and … JUST GO … xoxo love ya


  1. Please tell Ms. "Bio-Teen" that sleep has just about EVERYTHING to do with being sick so much. Next to how well, or not, she's eating, of course.

    One can even, gasp, GAIN WEIGHT if one doesn't get enough sleep.

    And if she doesn't believe me...have her ask a doctor. ;)

  2. This is the definitive essay on what it means to be a mom....

  3. Connie: This killed me. So true, so true-ahhhh. Hang in there!