Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Not Funny!

OK, someone just told me I'M NOT 20 ANYMORE!  WHAT?  Is this TRUE?  Who else knew and didn't tell me?  Did you know?  Did you?

Oh sure, it was laced in a compliment ...
"You're doing great but you're not … (I can't say it again)"
   and then it gets worse … ready?
"But you should be proud of yourself for someone your age (MY AGE IS 20! ... I am screaming inside) ... STOP talking you evil, stupid person ... I do the only thing I can, I stick my tongue out at her, jam my fingers in my ears, hum really loud and rock back and forth. 

This is just NOT funny!  Did I fall down the rabbit hole?  Wait....is Johnny Depp here?  Hmm, if he is, then I might be OK and all will be forgiven.  Otherwise, what is wrong with all of you?  NOT TELLING ME … Reallyaaaa!

Aaarg! ... I gotta go Chat!


  1. Freddy..tell her she didn't tell me and if she has anything else she wants to say to me...FORGET IT!!