Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Am Not Smarter Than an 11th Grader

Why do we even have discussions about what to listen to in the car??? It is my car. I drive it. I pay for it. I fill it with gas. I clean it – just kidding.
But seriously, every single time Bio-teen is sitting "SHOT GUN!!!!" ("No I called it first!" "Noooaaa, I did, Maaammm!" this is so fun), she thinks she owns MY radio. Of course, it is curious that all my pre-programmed stations are on her Hip Hop crap … hmmm???

I do remember, barely, being a teen in the car with my Mom and trying these same stunts. It never worked for me. But Bio is smarter than I was. Here are her tricks:

"Mom this talk radio gives me a raging headache … REALLY … it is making me nauseous!" Seriously?
I have fallen for this in the past … Not any more. Next:

"Mom pleaseaaaa, I have been in school all day, I just need a break from the stress!" Seriously?
I did fall for this one, more than I am proud to admit. I did think she had too much stress … but then I finally came to my senses … try paying the bills chick.

But then she got me … damn her … with this one:
I went to change the station to what I (the person paying for the car) wanted to listen to … and she looks at my hand reaching for the button and she says to me:
"Wow mom your hands are really starting to look old."

Yep, Mom out, YOU WIN!!!! Play what you want – I gotta hide my old hag hands.

Crap! …


  1. Well, our mom listened to cool stuff, like Seals and Crofts, and Donovan.
    Also, she would have chopped our hands right off, had we tried that kind of stunt.
    BTW, I think Bio girl learned the headache complaint from Jamie and Laura, or is it universal?

  2. Is she not permanently plugged into her iPod? That thing has saved many car rides for me.