Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What I Have Learned

I think that if we are really lucky and if we pay close attention, everything and everyone will teach us things.  I am going to share some of the valuable life-changing things I have learned from ...

Paraguay Teen:

I have learned that some things are Universal:

-Chocolate is the international cure-all. It is the number one teen cure for PMS around the world.

-That a "nights" sleep when you are a teen, averages around 15 hours, no matter what your country of origin.

-That Chemistry sucks as much in your second language as it does in your first.

-That Sponge Bob Square Pants is an International delight.  I think most of us could have figured that, but what I JUST learned is: The Sponge Bob Square Pants theme song sung in Spanish makes me pee my pants ... You gotta do this, the last line of the song ... you know Sponge Bob Square Pants, repeat then again with emphasis ... get this ... "Bob esponja, Bob esponja, Bobbbbbbbb Essssponja ... "  Seriously hysterical. If you are singing this you better be wearing Depends ... well if you've had children, that is (NOT fair).

I have learned an abstract tidbit:
Swear words are prettier in Spanish.  Thank God and I gotta learn more.

I have learned that "Mani/Pedi" does not translate.  And further, that if I say "Do you wanna go get a mani/pedi?" fast, it is really scary (I wonder what it sounded like to her hhmmmmm?).  You should have seen the poor child's face when I asked her that ... love her.

I learned that telling her on our first trip to the beach, that the Hefty bag floating out in the ocean was a dead body.... was NOT funny.

I learned that when I told my bios that if they didn't clean their rooms, I was gonna kill them ... also not funny and really scary the first several times.

But mostly I have learned that people are more the same than different, no matter your age, gender, place of birth, socioeconomic standing, or really anything.  Most of us want to make others happy, to do the right thing, to love and to be loved.  In the midst of all the crap that is going on around ALL of us, I feel really grateful that Paraguay came to us ... (oh crap, teary).

Rest assured though ... she is totally singing "Bob Esponja" for her dinner from now on ...


  1. Can you get Gino to sing Bobesponga????

  2. Con - I LOVE this blog-bit!!! Tell Tina to call me & sing Bob Esponja - Tell her I miss her & also L. & A.

  3. That's so true Connie!!! It doesn't matter where you from, all you want is to make happy the ones around you...I love this blog. you got me teary, too!!!
    And viva Bob esponja jaja!!!I know it sounds funny,...


  4. Oh my god!! You are so damn funny! I want to live in your house (I will make my own breakfast)!!!

  5. this is the best yet! Bob Esponjaaaa! Why do I feel this joke is not going anywhere anytime soon...