Monday, March 22, 2010

Too Angry for the Theater

We went to the movies the other night and crap it's expensive … for a family or even a date night, man, mucho deniro. I never really paid attention to the cost of entertainment things before. But if Botox had to go, so will other things. Tough!

I know my friends in "the industry" (I am sooo connected) love to go the movies, yeah not me. I admit there are some movies you have got to see on the big screen … anything with Johnny Depp. But, I can't sit still that long, I can't get up to go potty, I can't get a refill (of stupid soda) ... If I had the giant remote and I could pause it, maybe. No probably not. To me it's like being on a plane … just urrgg! It never fails, I think I am comfortable and I settle in and BAM I get ants in my pants and jumpy legs both at once. This is not fun for me or those around me. Ask my kids … maaam can't you sit still??? Stop complaining and watch the movie … HUH? ...who's who here???

And of course there is always someone around me talking … like discussing the whole movie as it unfolds … SHUT UP … I just paid $5,000 to come and watch this gigantic, painfully loud movie in peace and quiet … TALK WHEN YOU LEAVE …

I would rather spend the money having margaritas sitting across the table and talking to my date. If you are going to the movies it's cause your date doesn't want to talk to you … WAIT a minute … maybe that is why the hub suggests going … hhmmmmm???

And really, WHY do they make, print and hand you a coupon when you walk in that gives you $1.00 (one) off the $33.00 combo? Just make the flippin combo $32.00 and save the time, effort and trees … Honestly!


  1. I heard on the radio that when someone in a theater was told to stop talking on her cell phone, the talker turned on the shusher with a meat thermometer. Only in America. And possibly Siciliy.

  2. Wow, I got here from Facebook! Look at that!
    Meat thermometer? Was that in Chicago?

  3. It was in the Carolina's I think, where apparently everyone carries a meat thermometer- to see if their victim is the right temperature!