Monday, March 8, 2010

Dirty Duck-ing

I woke this morning to a major ruckus in my pool. I wasn't sure what was happening. Water was flying, wings were flapping and there were noises ... weird noises. I got up and looked out the window and there was some kind of duck ruckus going on. I am more than just a little curious, ‘cause here in Oak Park I am known as the Crazy Duck Lady ... affectionately I am sure ... but that’s a whole 'nother Oprah.

So in my pool are three male ducks and one female. They're playing. Awww how cute. I look closer. They aren't playing ... they're FIGHTING and it's getting rougher!!! Oh no.

It looked pretty awful. Two boy ducks were ganging up on the girl duck ...

WAIT a minute ... this was not fighting, those boys were doing naughty duck things to the innocent girl duck. It was brutal. You know ducks mate for life, so every few minutes the third male duck, obviously the hub, tried to stop this horrible affair. (I am getting teary. So sad!!) No luck. The two naughty boys continue. They don't even stop when I knock on the window ... BAD BAD MEAN ducks.

Poor little female duck. Enough of this, I open the door and I LET THE DOGS OUT (I was singing it).

The guilty ducks fled. The married couple stayed and rested in the pool. Phewwww.

I was so pleased with myself for saving this precious little girl from any further naughtiness.

"Ok sweetie you are safe, I saved you from those brutes. You rest now."

I am ready to accept her appreciation and I SWEAR she gave me a DIRTY look. I think if she had one, she would have given me the finger. Then she spun her sassy little duck butt around and initiated naughtiness with her hub.

HHHMMMPPPHH!! Lord love a duck.....

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