Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pillow Talk

Every morning when I go to wake up the troops in my super nice way ... I notice that the very first thing they ALL do, is reach under their pillow. They are all too old to have tooth fairly visits ... I think, although adorable pre-teen might still have a few to lose, not sure … hmm? Either way if the tooth fairy were coming nightly, I think I WOULD know about it ...

No, they are grabbing their cell phones. Honestly they sleep with them under their heads. WHY???

Are they gonna get a really important call in the middle of the night? ... like:
They have been offered the job that they ... no they DON"T work …
They won the lottery ... no they are too young to play …
Someone gave birth ... God no, please ...

WHAT, are they preparing in case of an emergency?
Impossible, they don't wake up to alarm clocks ... they don't even budge when my house alarm goes off. And it is one of those tornado warning type of alarms.  You know the kind that alerts the entire TOWN?  (That needs to be replaced....really, it nearly gave me a heart attack when it went off.)

WHAT is it???
I needed to know.
Cute Paraguay says ... "For the time. I use it for the clock." Isn't she cute and sweet?  Love her.
Bio – "No Mom, duh ... our boyfriends need to text us ... "

REALLY???  I can sing, ask, yell and scream … the town tornado alarm can go off and you don't budge ... But if your BF texts you (on vibrate) you wake up???

SO in order for me to get you up in the morning, I have to text you????



  1. This really is great great!! Did the happy couple come back?? I'm sure Mz Duck is too much a lady to give one the feather.
    Tell us about the crazy duck lady sometime, okay?