Thursday, April 22, 2010

Birthday Bliss

My birthday ... (like 42, what's it to ya?) was really amazing this year.
It was small, family only and super fun.

I have had parties:
Thrown by me ...
Thrown by others ...
Big parties ...
Small parties ...
Theme parties ...
Surprise parties ...
Dinner parties ...

But this birthday ... with a make shift party was the best ever ...

The kids were perfect angels to me starting with the Morning Ritual ...
The only fight I had that morning was with the Saran Wrap ... which I WON. (Thank God, that would be embarrassing to lose to plastic wrap. But it put up a good fight.)

They insisted I open one gift (forget about it on Christmas Eve ... they will try it, just wait).
It was a lovely spa basket with Lavender Bath salts, scented candles and squishy slippers. Awww ...
Oh yeah, Paraguay made me a picture of our Family. The Ass family. I am Smart, she is Kiss. See why we love her????

Next, I worked out with my FAVE teacher ... who - ha ha - put me on stage. I have been working out with this man (hunky stud dude) for five years or so and he has never ever attempted to put me up there (Bio sent him an early morning text telling what this special day was...cute). But he did, it was kinda fun and I didn't have a stroke. Promising ...

Came home. Took a spa bath with the candles ... Heaven

Spent several few hours doing real estate work (cause that's what I do). Also spent an extremely enjoyable hour reading the nicest FB messages ... Love FB!! Read the best text messages from my sibs, my nieces and nephews ... (love these kids like crazy). Had my mom read me "If you were born today"... an annual tradition ... and thanked her for giving birth to me ... She said it was fun ... Yeah ... like the eye lift???
[NOTE: the complete lack of housework. There was laundry to be folded. There were dishes to clean ... beds to be made ... NOPE, not gonna!]

Picked up the kids. Came home ...
Paraguay and Adorable 13 decided to bake. Bio had to..who knows, prepare for her PHD Thesis (or something equally important). So, I read and rested!!!

This is the best day EVER. Got up, took a shower (hair ... can't do hair in the tub, duh) ... Got all ready for dinner. Came down stairs and was told to go back up to my room for a while ... OKEE DOKEE!! Gladly.

Was summoned down a few minutes later and came in to see the cutest cupcake arrangement ever. Each one had a lit candle and each candle had a a piece of paper containing an adjective that describes why they LOVE me ... They LOVE me!!!!

So fricken cute. One even said "Dumb Ass" ... Adorable 13 ... my cutie. It was fun til "#1 Mom" and "#1 Host Mom" caught on fire. No worries, we got it out in time to save the house.

Next we opened cards. Super super sweet one from the hub ... hhhmmm? Adorable one from "All of us" and Bio's hand made card that told me she loves me "even when we are fighting" Awwwwww ... I love you too honey, even when I want to kill you. Really.

Opened more really thoughtful gifts and went out to dinner ...

The restaurant was offering wine for half price!!! At least that is what the hub told me. Alrighty this is gonna be the best year ever.

Came home and wrote wishes on awesome wish paper from Mom (love love love my Mom) and set them on fire ... you're supposed to ... and watched them take flight. SO my wish is out there in the Universe.

Then when they were all done showering me with love, we all went to bed.

my wish ... is that I can remember how loved I felt on this day every remaining day of my life ... shhhhh too sappy ...


  1. awwww what a nice way to mix up the blog! so kind and loving, brought a little tear to my eye!! can't wait for the weekend :)

  2. 1/2 price wine could almost get me on an airplane.

  3. Dear con what did the dogs do for your birthday love fred

  4. Sib and niece...oversight..note the edit.
    xoxo..Bring it Kat, every Tuesday!!

  5. I'm with Kaki. Half priced wine? Cupcakes? No laundry? Zoikes, that's a birthday and a half =)