Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Everybody Cracks

My hub is a very gentle, easy going guy. USUALLY.
I guess our estrogen and all that goes along with that hormone (bitchy, know-it all kinda stuff) pushed him over the edge that night.

Bio-teen did something, or said something or who knows, but I am sure it was bad.. it resulted in the hub taking her cell phone away in a fit. It was fairly late, so after the grab, he went upstairs to bed.....On his way huffin and puffin up the upstairs, I enter the picture. (Mistake number ONE)

"Maamm dad took my phone away and I really need ittttttttaaaa!" Sure ya do Honey.

Ok, I never, (almost never) side against the Gentle Giant, but.......it was late, I didn't want to deal with any of it and she needed itaaaaa........No really, I have no excuse..... I just did it.... I knew as I was doing it, this was a really bad idea......DON'T DO IT CONNIE please. No luck I did it......I asked him if she could have her phone back. (Mistake number TWO) He said no....huh?

OH CRAP, here it comes!!! Some explosion happened in me and all reason, logic and that stupid follow through thing you are supposed to do with kids DID NOT matter. She was gonna get that phone back if it killed me.

It went from bad to worse when I stomped up after him....(Mistake number THREE)
He, being able to turn us off, goes to bed....THIS MAKES IT WORSE!! (he so knows that)

I am now yapping at him to give me the phone and he is IGNORING me...(he definitely knows what this will do) I SNAP..."Give me the____ phone, please!" Manners always. (Mistake number FOUR)
Hub gets up out of bed, walks out onto our balcony and says...really sweetly, "You want the phone? (yeah that's why I asked, duh) Here..."

And I swear to God, he threw it off the balcony and into the deep end of the pool. The flippen DEEP end!!!
I had to go out side and look into the pool to believe it. YES HE DID!!
I laughed so hard I nearly (ha) peed. I GOT the phone back...YES I DID!!

When we took the phone in to get a replacement, I told them it had water damage from the pool.
"Oh really how did that happen? Was it an accident? Was it sitting on the edge of the pool? Were you cleaning the pool?" (again, huh clean?) Bio and look at each other and fell over.... I could have gone with any of those reasonable explainations, but no.. this was too funny to pass up. SO I told the truth....LMAO while recounting. (Mistake number FIVE)

"Hmmm" was pretty much his response. When it came to the insurance, he very calmly and dryly said to me "Ma'am you are no longer eligible for insurance."

Shoulda fibbed. But it was worth the laugh.

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  1. Why didn't we ever think of throwing the phone (and the car) in the pool???? Inspired and brilliant!