Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Beauty of Bio

It appears ...glaringly I guess...that Bio is getting a bad rap. So to clear things up, I am posting about the Beauty of Bio..

First, Bio IS an actual beauty. Her physical beauty in not only from my position of total bias. I did after all create the creature and I was no duckling in my day (and the Hub is still a looker...brat) ...however the truth be told she is a stunner.

BUT the real beauty of Bio isn't even her exterior shimmer. It is the inner beauty of Bio that makes me blissful.

Bio is a teen. A full blown rager of teen everything, but even still, she is one of my VERY FAVORITE people in the world to be with.

I have some extremely fond memories of mother daughter times that I will cherish forever.
Like a trip we took to San Diego one year, while the boys were doing Indian Guides camping crap..(Oh BTW, I heard they will need to change the the name of the Guides, because it is not PC...REALLY? What will they call it ?? Is Native American Guides really less offensive? There are so many things I really don't understand.... Normally I would make a Bio crack here, but that would be inappropriate!!)

Back to the Beauty of Bio:
The San Diego trip was so wonderful. We went to a spa, we went to a Cirque show, we went to Ruth Chris (prior to her declaring she would never eat anything that had a face..). So lovely. But the most memorable times were the drives to and from and hanging in the hotel room. We talked about everything. We laughed about everything. We listened to everything...even my music. It doesn't matter what I am doing with Bio, when we are alone without any angst, the world... is in complete beautiful harmony. Really!!

She is my genetic reflection..or something. SO I guess it makes sense that we would be simpatico. But to be CLEAR..I really really and truly dig Bio as a equal person, that I truly love to spend time with.

She is:
Funny and Fun
Courageous and Brave
Easy Going (unless the hormones have taken possession....hey I get it!)
She is .... WAY more than any adjective I can attach to her.

I love Bio of course. I really love her. I would even if I didn't have to.....But the real Beauty of Bio is that I GENUINELY like her...

I will never question why I got so lucky to have a beautiful Bio that is such an amazing person, I will just spend my days being thankful and making fun of her....(Get over it Honey!)

xoxo love ya Bio..


  1. All true.
    But I thought that she was my genetic reflection.

  2. just a thought..... dont know what your talking about or who honey is to get over it as I dont read this normally but not everyone feels the need or understands the need to express oneself on paper or in this case blogging ..... i think your wasting your time explaining or defending your blog ...... everyone experiences things differently ..... no right .... no wrong .... so blog away if it makes you feel good afterall this is about you not anyone else !!!! Go Poe Poe

  3. Hey anonymous u are such a stupid butthole. Dont be hatin. why did you even comment just because you dont agree. go eat a butthole. butthole, u suck anonymous.

  4. <3 you alex !
    buzz off anonymous !

  5. Jamie? Kenny? Get off the world wide web.

  6. Anonymous first if you read all the blogs you will know what it's she talking about or who honey it's and I don't know why you are reading if you don't liked. You are wasting your time.
    Paraguay was hereeee:)