Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Teens teens teens...
A day and night of teens.
Adorable 13, Hub and I would be swallowed up.
The day began as usual with the typical morning ritual:
Wake kids, start coffee...
Wake kids, start lunches..
Wake know.........blah blah blah, get them off.
The evening would hold a "Senior Sendoff" for the leaving kids of the Advanced Peer Counseling group that Bio is part of. A really cool group at her HS that is... as it is named. The kids, do wonderful things at school like "Acceptance Week", they mediate, they mentor..They ROCK. (really I think this group of kids is way cool)
So the 'sendoff' includes 45 kids, food, awards and ceremonies and dear God what have I done..AGAIN??? (did it last year).
I can not have a party, even for blind, hungry teens without the house being spotless and perfectly decorated. Since I am slightly busy with my day job..(real estate is picking up..if you can you should be diving in the pool and I can help)...I have not had endless hours to dedicate to household I, ...really who am I kidding I put them off whenever possible. So after the drop off, cleaning would be my morning workout...ARG. (would rather be sweating with Stud dude).
After 2.5 blissful hours of cleaning, moving furniture and making flower was time to go pick up Paraguay. She and I were invited to speak at a Kiwanas club meeting about the joys of the exchange program.
ICK!!! While the group was nice, the meeting was fine and the lunch was free...It was ICKY. Thinking about her leaving gives me hives..talking about it...PUKE!
After that nausea producing lunch, we ran for balloons, then home to finish getting ready for the party.
Work work work...
Then the Peer Counselor 'set up' crew arrive. Their idea of set up is to sign each others year books....
No worries, I am Martha Stewart when in party mode. I got this..
Next the chairs (30) arrive. The set up crew tried to help here. Silly kids.
The last minute details always hang me up and as I am running around Bio tells me that they need to go back to school to get her year book. Ten minutes to party 'go' and she is leaving. Martha will not make a scene with people around....."Sure Honey go ahead...oh yeah have her drive my car....sure." The level of my ass-ness amazes even me sometimes.
No worries...Martha has this.
Party go...45 kids and the presentations begin. Eww it got hot...Fans needed to be rushed to the scene. Then I need to disappear until the next segment. FOOD...
Yep 45 kids eating Panda Express least 7 on the trampoline..funny. It would have been funnier if it broke....
Then more presentations...I make myself an invisible cleaner. Clean up and set up the desserts. Shhhh though cause I am not supposed to be around.
Then after all the presentations are done....gotta move all the chairs from the living room into the family room cause that is where Bio's best friend...cutest Chloe wanted her senior send off to be.
Martha is still bam done. Turn the lights down...cause this involves lighting candles....and the relocation of the fans...being careful with the candle lighting thing... cause I am not a fireman..although???...nahhh never mind..
This goes on for a long time and this part is a very emotional and semi private. So again I am a little Martha problem.
Hub is in the other room watching some sport thing. So every once in a while and always at the wrong while we hear him yell "OH COME ON".. This is a problem . I need to rein his butt in...
FINALLY it is over and the kids go back to their flipping year book GOD why now??
But I am nice.
Finally when the counselor who created and runs this group is packing up she thanks me for being the worlds greatest hostess...(which I am) and then turns to the hub and thanks him so much for all his help preparing and setting up.....HUH???
He says 'Your welcome'...
FOR WHAT???? Getting the ice?????
Really??? I am standing right there...Dear God....

YES, PROBLEM!!!! YES, WORRY!!! No, not really too tired to put up a fight....
Martha out!!!


  1. finalllyyy yesss <3333333
    p.s. i love you !

  2. Did bio make it back with her yearbook? The tension is killing me!

  3. Perhaps we are distant cousins? I too have the genetic defect that makes it close to impossible to say "no" to hosting or helping any ridiculous event. Few weeks ago at the teacher retirement party (for a teacher I hardly know) someone wanted to get a picture of the committee that set the whole thing up....Um (a little embarressed)...that would be just ME?

  4. Sue..Yes Bio made it back with the yearbook and was around to tell me what to and NOT to worries there.
    And Catherine...I think we might be related or we are both just sure???

  5. I get the hives just reading this....