Friday, June 18, 2010

Please Help!!!

OMG...Paraguay leaves in 9 days!
Who the hell is ready for that?
As previously stated...not:
Adorable 13, or the
But she is ready. Not just because there is only so much of me a person can take, but she will be like the Lakers when she goes home. Fanfare, parties, maybe a parade..if they do parades in they, hmmm? Need to ask her.

So in addition to the wind down and the pre-freak out, I have been asked to write a story/report/blog...something for her school magazine. About having her here.

Really??? I don't want to. There are no creative juices here. Not now anyway...

Plus Sis Extrodinaire said that I have to pass it by Bio so that I don't include anything embarassing...Like the fact that we call her Weiner???? Oh, come on... Teeny, one duh, Weiner. (I sense that would get lost in transaltion anyway. hee hee)

What do I write??? It is one thing when I am writing about her in English...but the school, her school?? This is hard and could be dangerous.

Can I be silly? Or will they think I am nuts??
Can I be sarcastic? Or will they think I am mean??
Can I be sentimental? Or will they think I am a sap?

WAIT....Hold the phone (this expression cracks me up every time..) I am such a moron, this is not about me.....God when will I learn? Actually the world is likely to start revolving around me sooner than I will learn that it is not.

And this just in...there are calories, real calories in wine...YEP all wine. This on top of Wiener leaving....not sure I will make it through the day....

I need ideas on the Wiener story and I need diet wine...STAT


  1. 1. She is a good fisherman.
    2. She likes to drive a golf cart.
    3. She seems to know more about computers than all of the rest of us put together.
    4. She sings a mean SpongeBob.
    5. Her favorite food is fast food.
    6. She cheerfully goes along with all of your zany plans (ie wearing Easter Bunny ears)....AND does not complain about it.
    7. She is also an expert at shopping.
    8. No calling her wiener in her school newspaper.
    9. SHe makes an excellent big sister, and Paraguay niece.
    10. Include photos.
    11. She thinks Bingo is fun.

  2. Countdown......
    Will you post her story/report?