Monday, June 14, 2010

18 Years

Hub and I just celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary.
HOLY crap that is a really really long time.
My parents didn't stay married so I didn't get the in house training that some might have benefited from. So I a not experienced or always good at it, but alas I try.

We nearly forgot this one though, but we pulled it out at the last minute. We managed to get cards and I got flowers. We went to dinner. Nice...enough. Ya know for 18. When we hit 20 there will be some planning and a bigger deal. But 18...ehhhh.

I bitch and complain (hey I am a girl), but there have been some spectacular times and lessons in these nearly two decades together.

He has given me so much....mostly two amazing offspring that when they are not trying to kill me..are the truest light in my life. And although I always talk like it was a solo act, he helped. (I will never admit this again though..)

He has taught me so many things. Some real and some not. But I am such a fricken sucker, I absolutely believe everything he says.
Like the time I said..while in the bathroom getting ready "I can't remember if I put on deodorant.." and he says "wipe your armpit with your finger than touch it to your tongue."
REALLY?? I DID IT....I didn't question the weirdness or think about it, I just did it.... DON'T ever do this. It completely dries up your tongue and hurts. GOD I am so stupid sometimes.

He has also taught me that emptying a 60 gallon hot water heater tank into a 10,000 gallon freezing cold pool won't heat it..... Now wait, I really really thought it would, and he couldn't convince me otherwise. There was a true glitch in my brain and I really couldn't understand why it wouldn't work....While I am a girl (and repetitive..), I'm pretty smart and I always always listen to logic (unless it's about clothes). But the hunk Hub had to show me. Yeah he did...cutie.

He has taught me that you can take the trash out of your car EVERYtime you exit it. Hmmm?? Still working on that one.

He of course has taught me and everyone who has ever been at my house, the right way to load the dishwasher.

He has tried to teach me... and here he leads by example, that it is actually possible to put your clothes away when you take them off. I still think they are supposed to just stay on the floor where you removed them, but his way seems to work too. You should see his side of the closet...he is NOT gay..not that there is anything wrong with that...(if you are taking offense, you don't know me). Wait a minute...??? Nahh ....just kidding are a stud.

He has given me mucho and taught me oodles and is still patiently teaching me things...

But the most important thing he has ever said to me while fixing our current house that we bought as a major fixer, when the upstairs toilet broke and leaked into the downstairs closet... I sat on the closet floor completely overwhelmed and scared and I cried...." I think we bought the Money Pit, what are we gonna do???" Waa waa. It was a huge deal and a minor breakdown. He stopped everything he was doing, he looked at me and very calmly said to me,
"Don't worry...EVERYthing that breaks can be fixed."

He is the fix it man and everyone knows that he CAN fix anything. But when he said that to me, it meant more than the leak. It meant everything. Cause somewhere along the line everything breaks... a little or lot.. and I hold on to his statement that "everything can be fixed."

Thanks B. xo



  2. My friend Luisa says that if money is the solution, then we have no problem. I like that.
    Happy Anniversary, chica.
    Your second best friend in Chicago.