Friday, May 21, 2010

Sick Of It

I hate hate hate being sick...Is it 'being' sick? Who knows and who cares. (Could ask Bio, since she knows everything.) I usually can ward off the ugly bugs, but since the body is again betraying me and keeping my away from working out with Big Stud, my immune system is compromised.

The house and all it's occupants have been politely sharing and re- sharing some revolting diseases over the past month and a half--give or take a... year..

It always always comes to a complete head at "finals" time. This works particularly well for Bio. This way she can then blame me for a low test score..HOW CAN I SUCK SO BAD?!?!? Please advise. I am sure it is due to the fact that although I put her medicine out by a lovely glass of water for her on the counter and told her 15 times to take it before she left...that it is my fault that she did NOT take it.....Really??? Really really?? She is nearly 17 fricken years old and she has vast experience being sick. Whatevs...over it.

For the Adorable 13 it is not quite as convenient. He doesn't have 'finals' only state testing and that doesn't matter towards grades, so pointless in my book. Schools need to just drop.....whoa never mind...feeling way to poorly to speak my mind about the stupid crap..Here is all I have to say..Quit it.

Paraguay can be sick anytime cause her grades don't matter at all since she goes home (ARG...maybe not) with no credits from her work here. Talk about stupid ...she is working her ass off in her second language for NOTHING! Quit this too..

The Hub pretty much hangs in there until the breaking point. Then he usually takes his toys and goes to the bedroom. He turns the room into a dark cave and stays there until he is better. He gets angry when I ask him if he needs anything.....SERIOUSLY??? Fine..
Another new one just got introduced... on day three of the cold one of my generous off spring shared with me...I woke up from sleeping on the couch..trying to keep illness away from Hub. I get up start to do my morning work, before getting up the kids and starting 'Morning Ritual' and he comes down the stairs, grabs his keys and says "I don't feel well, I am going to the beach." HUH?????
Honest to God....This elicits so many reactions, it is an entire Blog on it's own....Needless, I was NOT happy.

Me, I can't be sick until the end of the day...Cause no matter how I feel I still have to:

Get up and wake the children.....
Make breakfasts
Wake the children
Make lunches
Wake the children
Feed the dogs
Put the dishes in the dishwasher
Dress myself
Get everyone in the car
Pick up other carpooling kids
Drop off at 18 different schools

Go to work.....

Then my day begins...When I am done, or if it is just time..

I leave work
Pick up the older kids
Drive to second school
Wait for three years (with Bio bitching usually that she has "stuff to doaaa")
Get younger kids
Take all kids to their homes
Drop off my kids (with specific instructions on homework, medicine and the like....that just gets ignored)

Go back to work....

When work is done..
Make any needed stops on my way home.
Come home and start dinner.

If I am really really lucky and ONLY if there are no other sick occupants at that time, I can come home and lay around and hope that someone will take care of me....ME..

Yeah, not!!
Coming soon: Why being sick at Connie's house is like winning the Lottery. Well for everyone but me.


  1. Poor Connie. You need a concierge service. And perhaps a trip to the beach by yourself. With wine. And some advil. Go for itaaa.

  2. I need a wife!!! And wine, Advil and the beach....

  3. My favorite is when the Hubby says, "I don't feel 100%." What is that!? I gave birth (twice)!!! I will never feel 100% again!! Go call your mother!

    My anthem is,"Medicate and Move ON!"

  4. Catherine love it 'MAMO'. I might need to steal this. It would replace 'Drug Up'. Your's sounds nicer and the acronym is sneakie....PERFECT!!
    And totally true the last time I felt 100% was 17.833 years ago!