Monday, May 10, 2010

'How To'

Being a Mom is the toughest job I have ever had. I have had a lot of jobs. I have worked since I was 16, so you know like 20 years or so.....Annnnyway, I have had part time nothing jobs to big corporate positions. And now I am in Real Estate Sales...enuf said there.

But Motherhood, man o has some of the crappiest (literally) work ever, the least impact on the bank account (can't say I don't get paid, cause I do...just not in money), and the longest hours. Well actually in this job you never get breaks.

It is also the most important job I will ever have. What I don't get though, is this job doesn't come with instructions or training. Every other job I have ever had you get an employees manual, training and and often a trial period...cause even if your resume said you were right for the may turn out that you're NOT. Becoming a mom, NONE of that. You're a lifer no matter how well you do or how qualified you are.

Sure there are books, like Dr. Spock (which I spent about 30 minutes looking in for 'potty training'...cursing the so called baby expert until the Hub told me normal people call it 'TOILET training'....see I suck) and "What to like very age". But these 'manuals' were not specific to me, to my kids or ANY of the situations I experienced.

It would be like ONLY READING a book on how to Be a Good Teacher and then... using ONLY that information... being thrown into a classroom to teach an 'Advanced Placement Psychology of the Teenage Brain' class. Then going to second period and teaching 'Quantum Physics'.... Honestly!!

I wish each kid came with a How To book, completely specific to them. Outlining the job of raising each one, step by step. Like when you buy furniture you need to assemble. It comes with instructions.... oh and pictures. Yeah I would need pictures. I would probably only really looked at the pictures.....and actually that IKEA table, I didn't even do that. That one last piece that remained when I was done assembling..that I couldn't figure out where it was supposed to was the Allen Wrench. Yeah it was really hard getting those screws in with a Phillips screw driver..they were all stripped. I know these things now thanks to the Hub.

Well now that I really think about it.....never mind. Mr. IKEA could have walked through the table assembly step by step and I would have done it my way anyway....Yeah forget it, I will continue to wing it........

May the force be with me and my poor offspring.

Saw Babies on Mother's day...super cute!!


  1. love it and soooo true!!!

  2. My parents raised us on Spock, until he became a vietnam war protester. I think Mom through his book down the incinerator after the nightly news. This might explain a lot, now that I think of it.