Monday, May 3, 2010

Little White Lines

When I took my mom to the airport and watched her go I cried. The truth is that nowadays everything makes me cry ...or in between lately and oh yeah everything scares me. (My family is so lucky) I think it is possible that I am being taken over by aliens,.....How else can these bizarre emotions be explained??? Mystery..

Anyway, I don't ofter drive to the airport and I know it has been a fairly long time since I was in Drivers Ed...

(Not to worry though 'cause I usually am fortunate enough to have bio with me to tell me how to drive, and explain things to me since she knows everythingaaaa. "Mom you are speeding. Mom you are following too closely for the speed at which you are travelling. Mom the light is green GOaaa." She IS in Drivers Ed now, duhhhh.. Pheww thank God!)

Oh Crap is that what I sound like when the hub is driving?? Note to self: Check that cause it is so annoying.

but... don't those dotted white lines define the lanes? And aren't you supposed to stay WITHIN them? Really it is like an obstacle course every time you get behind the wheel...

People are putting on make up, reading, people are texting, talking on the phones... Oh and BTW.. holding the phone in your hand with speaker on up close to your mouth but not up against your ear does NOT qualify as "Hands Free"...seriously. Just put it to your'll look slightly less stupid!!! People are driving with their knees, they drive while eating and they drive with those "accessory" dogs on their shoulders or on their laps with those little toothpick paws on the steering wheel!!!! ... Really how is that NOT illegal????

I get pulled over and get ticketed for everything. How do these criminals get away with this crap??? I don't get it.

This crap doesn't make me laugh or cry and the next person that tries to side swipe we while driving with their knee so the can eat and hold their phone near their mouth engaged in some extremely important conversation while their rat dog plays 'driving'..... should be scared of ME...

Oh yeah and I have some free floating anger sometimes...


  1. Scared of you...just like the rest of us???
    Very funny and also very timely.
    Oprah should see this blog!

  2. That crying thing. Oy. Gives me the willies, some days. Hang in there. This too shall pass.

  3. as always . . . thank you for the visual and the much needed laugh. OMG and speaking of crying at things, there is a zales commercial they keep running on tv for mothers day and at the end of it there is a new mommy holding her baby and she says "its mommy" as she stares at her new baby and damnit if the tears don't well up everytime! man!