Tuesday, September 7, 2010

OH What a Night!!!

So when things are even a little stressful in my life, I have a hard time sleeping. I can usually fall asleep thanks to reading....(man I really need to invent glasses that I can doze off in, cause that breaks the dozing path), but I can't stay asleep.

I have funky dreams that, as previously stated, are sickeningly symbolic.
Like last night, among many others, I had a dream that my brother...Camp Chris (CC) and I were locked in a room and each given an iPod-lighter thingy and a gun ..{Sibling spat} We were being forced into a challenge {watched Bachelor Pad} to make the iPod-ter thingy into..I don't even know, but somehow we had to adapt it and that would make the gun work and we had to shoot the other one. And if we didn't do it, 'they' {this is a critical piece of unsolved symbolism} would kill us both. (Yeah, I probably need some help!!)

CC went into this whole heartedly. REALLY!! He quickly went to work as McGuyver {Adorable's fave show} and had his gun ready to shoot ME in like two seconds. I was busy trying to figure out how to get us BOTH out alive {DUH, I am a saint}....Like ok, we can shoot at the wall at the same time and maybe 'they" won't know.....Maybe we could shoot at each others legs, so we could live through this. I look up and CC is loaded and aimed at my chest!!!! I GIVE!!! Go for it! But I'm SO TELLING MOM on you!!!

When these dreams happen I wake myself up, because even though I am creating them, I CAN'T take them.
So, once awake, if I have had any more than two hours of sleep....I AM UP!!

Hub, bless his heart...is sound asleep..NOT SOUNDLESSLY sleeping mind you.
GOD, he is way too loud right now!! I try try try to go back to sleep, but too scared and TOO LOUD.

I need to read or something. The hub did install these really cool lights above our bed so we could each have our own reading lights. Nice huh? BUT whenever I turn mine on he wakes up...not so useful.

So I grab my glasses (ARG!!) and my book and head downstairs. Get as comfy as I can on the couch put on the torture glasses and read. WHY am I reading a scary book? (I totally need help)

Read read read....am just about to doze off and my old dog PP Pal (DK) audibly breaks wind. When this happens ..at least there was warning..we all hit the deck. It is so unpleasant that it defies description. SO I cover up..like under the covers and wait for the storm to pass.

After about a year or so, I need to start the process all over. Get comfy and read read read...About to doze again. Remove the glasses and settle in.

AHHhhhh lovely. I am comfy and about to go to hopefully a nicer dreamland...
At the very moment that feels so lovely....
My HUGE sweet dog Gino starts SNORING louder than I have ever heard anything snore in my life..And trust me that is loud. THIS dog has NEVER snored in his LIFE.. TEN years nary a peep.

AND NOW after my brother tried to kill me...the hub stole my bed...my PP Pal tried to suffocate me.....GINO betrayed me...

Et tu Gino????

Really tired...


  1. Well, in case this really happens, I am soo telling mom on CC.

  2. To much busyness in your life - go out for a day spa relief!

  3. the not staying asleep kills me, too. May I suggest a wing of the house just for Connie? (Also, your dream sounds like the third book in the series The Hunger Games. Yikes!)

    ps glad your back writing =)

  4. Sooooo good crazy lady! As long as it's not about how I'm trying to end your life, it's all good. :] Love you mucho!

  5. I LOVE YOUR WORK!!!!!