Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blow Out

SO.... Just as things felt like they might be on an upswing, the Hub blew out his other knee. We know this for certain because it is the OTHER knee. Yes, he blew out the left one playing soccer a year and a half ago....But he scored two goals last time. (Our insurance is so suckie that each of those goals cost us $2500.) Since he absolutely knows what it is at least we don't have to wonder and worry. That is the upside. whoo hoo

However, he is barely mobile, super slow and tentative until we surgerize him AGAIN. If he isn't careful, the knee goes completely out and he goes completely DOWN. This happened the other night and scared the crap out of the kids....

Now, I am a very loving nurturing woman. (AM TOO) I don't blame him or get upset about these things. They happen and I will take care of him. As you know I am a hell of a nurse. I feel really badly for him......BUT....

There are some complications. LIKE:

Hub was in his office upstairs. Adorable up in his room and I was in the kitchen. You know cleaning or cooking or some other saintly task (hee hee) and I hear a buzzing. No big deal a fly got in. Soooo. It flies by me. It is NOT a fly it is a bee. I HATE BEES and I am kinda totally petrified of them..a little. So like any normal person, I scream something like "Oh my God get out of my house!" and I think I threw something that made a sorta loud crashing noise.

Oops... all hell kinda broke loose.

Adorable comes racing down and says "What what MOM is Dad ok?"
HUH???? Dad??? Really? NO it is ME!!! "There is a bee in the house and it needs to go."
I swear I get an eye roll, he storms out of the kitchen (mumbling something..) and he leaves me alone with the beast.

A few minutes (full minutes) the Hub comes stumbling out of his office. "What what are you ok?"
At least he asked about ME. "No there is a bee in the kitchen"
He hobbles down the stairs and into the kitchen.

WHAT???? This is serious. Don't judge me.

He looks for a cup...remember we have a strict 'no kill' policy here.
It took a while but he saved us both. The bee went free and I am alive.

I could have died in the time it took him to come rescue me.
And I guess the Hub could have gotten hurt trying to save me from what probably sounded like a home invasion. Oh well..this and the aging PP Pal Dog (That is a whole 'nther Blog) will probably kill me anyway.

Today's Tip: ???Can you add Vodka to wine??? YES you can.


  1. How's that wine taste with vodka? Oh wait a minute, vodka has no taste or odor, you go girl!

  2. sorry bout the hub. hang in there. take acohol as needed.

  3. ACL Repair $1500.00. Sarasota Coastal Veterinary. Do you need the number?