Sunday, May 19, 2013

BACK in the Saddle

It's been so long since I have blogged that when I read old Blog Posts about my fam and home situation, I get confused.
Bio, is now off at college and she has become Adorable
and Adorable is a big huge teenager and he has become Bio.
Who's who????
This will take a bit to ponder before I discuss them with appropriate names.  Until then the orignal moniker's will stand.

An update:
Bio is finishing her second year at college in ILLINOIS!!!!!!  Her objective was to get as far away form me as possible but still be close to some family.  Sis Extraordinaire (She never changes but I think I will now call her Sis Ex ... yeah that's totes better) and fam live there.
She was originally going into medicine...plastic surgery (which I was excited about for obvious reasons!!!) but she has decided to become a nurse practionaire instead.  I am totally down with that because it requires less school (less school = less $$$) AND she can diagnose and perscribe...ahhh AND she is going into dermotology....Can you spell BOTOX???? (and more).
She is really happy, doing well and she loves the mid-west folks!  Who wouldn't?  When she comes home, she actually wants to spend time with me, (she likes me-really likes me) and she helps around the house.  I die of shock each time.  Although truth be told, it only starts out that trickles off pretty fast.  But all in all its great and she's great!

Adorable is finishing his second year of high school.  When he is with me I am lucky to get a grunt for an answer, unless of course he needs something.  He grows taller every time he enters the room.  He needs new clothes or shoes every second.  He went from Adorable to Full blown/grown man in a millisecond.  (Hmm I feel a new moniker on it's way.)   But all in all he is still not the run for my money that Bio was.
Teenaged boys are so many things but this one never stinks, can now reach things and fix things when the hub's away and he is SOOOOO fricken funny.  My Mother's day card is a little tiny glimpse into this Adorable's sense of humor.

Funny One
So, I am back in the BLOG.

But now I think I need to go back to my emails and find out why there is an email from ME to ME telling ME that I have erectile dysfunction.  You see the difficulties here????




  1. welcome back -- it's been a long and intolerable time since last you posted. get cracking!