Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Back in the Blog

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Summer Reading List::

I love to read and  I love to stay in the know.  I read the Harry Potter books.  I tried to read the Twilight books.  Just read the Hunger Games trilogy.... I really dug those.  I hope for more sometime.
I always try to get my books from the library when possible.  I live in a tiny town and the library is pretty tiny too (and it is attached to out 1100 student High School...smaller than my graduating class).  So when I hear of a book I want I go in and either check out the book or get on the waiting list if necessary.
So I heard about these books with varying shades of Grey.  I was hearing about this trilogy from everyone from my daughter to Oprah (she didn't like personally call me or anything).  After all the hubbub I decided to check into it.  Went into the Googler (as the hub calls it) and found out.
WOW it is total EROTICA and it was being openly talked about.  Well this I just had to get in on.
I go traipsing over to the tiny library and find that it is checked out.  No biggie!!! --- I would just get on the waiting list, which is never more than two people long.  There just aren't that many readers or library uses in my tiny town.
I walk up to the librarian and ask about Fifty Shades of Grey.....
"It's out would you like to be put on the waiting list?" 
Duh.  For some reason you always think librarians are smart.
"Yes, please"
"Ok well there are..(pause, as she is looking it up).. 5-6 people ahead of you"
"Five or six?" I ask
"No 56"
OMG, in my sleepy little town the housewives are steppin out.
This is so funny to me that I nearly scream with laughter...."Really 56 people in Oak Park are on the waiting list?????" 
This was not a genuine question for the lib-lady, I am doubled over walking out of the library.
I get to my car and I am kind of making fun (in my head) of the 56 women in my community that can't wait to get their hands on this outed erotica.  Seems funny and a little pitiful.  Mostly funny.
The pitiful part was that my next stop as if on autopilot was Costco to buy my own copy.......
Yeah, I know.


  1. welcome back! you have been missed. looking forward to your book report.

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