Monday, October 31, 2011

Yours, Mine and Yours

I really don't get it!!!

I do all (most of ..99%) the grocery shopping. And when I do:
---I buy food for the whole family--- NOT just my own food. It is for all to enjoy. Whatever is mine is theirs!!
I do much of the cooking (not the best of) . And when I do:
---I cook for the whole family--- Even when it means different meals for different family members.
I do all of the laundry and fold every ones clothes with the most loving care. And Holy Crap can I fold!!!.
--- In fact the other members get their clothes, beautifully folded, separated by person, type, and EVEN color. YES, I do. My clothes get basic folding. That's ok with me as long as my boys (BIO, please come home!!) are happy and look good. Really

I do the social planning for the entire family. I have parties, plan outings, vacations, etc. I decorate the house for every possible season/holiday, so that there is always a festive air in the home.

I buy all of the families necessities. No need goes unattended. I would still be buying them clothes, but the teens now think I am a dork clothes buyer. (Fine with me, btw)

NOW......... Here is the confusing part;

On the few occasions when someone in the house, goes to the grocery store and buys something, it is THEIRS... ONLY theirs. If I try to share; I get a flat out bitch fest from Adorable (not so lately), or a hmmppff grunt from the hub. What's theirs is clearly just theirs.

All the laundry that I DO sits on the guest bed in the downstairs bedroom until each member takes theirs upstairs. NOW remember I do all the laundry. When I ask them to carry my little pile up WHILE they are taking their own up, I get super huffing....

The other Sunday morning after finishing our various chores, the hub comes into the kitchen and started making breakfast (he is a really good cook and makes a kick ass breakfast). I said "Are you making breakfast for everyone?" and I swear he answered me with , "Well, Alex already ate."


wait for it.... wait for it... wait for it.... I DID. Finally. "Oh did you eat?"

Forget it!!!!


  1. super huffing -- very scary (and national geographic-ish) I say share -- or else.

  2. I think I am your twin sister!!! The same stuff goes down in my house, too! I keep hoping that one day they'll outgrow it, but so far, no luck. Great blog, by the way!

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