Friday, September 9, 2011

Oh Where Oh Where....

I have recently been turned on to Kosher salt. I love salt and the coarse salt is genius. (So is Words With Friends, btw). So in addition to using it in recipes, I now have a little tiny bowl of this Godlike creation to sprinkle randomly on food. I keep it where I keep my salt and pepper shakers. next to my stove, out of the way, yet handy for cooking.
The other day when I wanted a little pinch to put on something.... IDK maybe it was my cereal. JK, I am not that nutty....ANYWAY,
The little tiny bowl was gone. WHAT?
Since I seem to lose everything these days, I look around, figuring I misplaced it. Look Look Look. Nope it is gone and the tiny little bowl is in the dishwasher. Hhmmmm???
The hub comes into the kitchen and I so sweetly ask him about it.
He put it back in the box in the pantry, cause that is "where it belongs".
"But I like to use little pinches of it."
This confused the poor man. He did the head tilt like the dog. HUH??
Again, so sweetly "Please just leave it out for me." I have to go on to say that it is fine. It doesn't take up much room, the ants don't want it. It is FINE.
I replace the little tiny bowl of yumminess and put a note under it that reads: "Do Not Remove."
You know, just to be clear. xoxo
SO, this morning while preparing a marinade (God, I AM Wonder Woman), I pull out the Cuisinart and start with the first two ingredients. Garlic and salt. (I am thinking at this point that the coarse salt is a clever move on my part.) I crush the million cloves into machine and go for the salt.
OMG!!! The little tiny bowl is missing. The note is still there, but not the tiny little bowl.
I AM PISSED. Ok well maybe it was a joke. I whip out my cell phone (that I still can't properly use) and text the Hub.
"WHERE IS THE SALT?" No smiley face, no xoxo. I just want the F-ing salt.
I go to the pantry get the box, bring it back to the Cuisinart, am about to measure the salt. Reach down for the measuring spoon and HOLY CRAP.... the little tiny bowl was right there next to the machine JUST waiting for me.
What the helga is going on here. It didn't just appear there. The only other member of the fam that was home, was Adorable and he was upstairs preparing for school. REALLY???
I had to take a moment and collect myself. Breath breath.
I PUT IT THERE!!! I am seriously concerned about my sanity.
BUT the worst part? I have to apologize to the Hub.