Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Complicated

I got out of bed this morning, brushed my teeth and went back to make my bed... (hee hee)
Like every other day, I just look at it and think it is too big a job for this early in the day.
TODAY, I figured out why.
Sleeping is hard work for me these days and requires mucho accouterments.
Let's see, there is the fan that blasts on my face sitting on the dresser.
There is the ceiling fan at full blast as well.
THEN, the bed...
There is the heating pad that is on low -all night- every night- to try to ease my lower back.
There is the special Tempurpedic pillow to help the arthritis in my neck....
This is sometimes covered by yet another pillow when I wake up and read in the night... NOW when that happens I wake later with a neck ache and have to remove the extra pillow...
VERY Disruptive.
There is also the little-ish pillow that has to be between my knees when laying on my left side OR big knee pain the next day.
And then there is the body pillow. This large puff provides all kinds of therapeutic benefits. Not really, I just use it to drape half my body over when I am sleeping on the Other side.
Those are just the players..
Then there is the condition of the actual bed and sheets.
When I move at night it takes all kinds of re-adjusting and .. because there is clearly a ventilation problem in my room, I get hot then cold then hot then, get the idea. So the sheets and blankie look like they were the survivors of a tornado.
I am completely exhausted just thinking about it.
No wonder I am not refreshed when I wake up and
I THINK this might be why I have been having dreams that are so scary that I have to make myself become fully awake to shake them off.
Does this have anything to do with age?


  1. I can totally relate to everything you said. Sleep evades me most nights because I'm always hot flashing! Love the humor in your blog--keep up the good work!

  2. I can relate to the pillow saga - I sleep with 4 as well supporting various parts of my body. Major mission to turn over. I enjoy your blog by the way....

  3. Good that you are able to take a little pinch of humour after so much.It is hard with pains in the neck and legs...and the sleep disturbance will do no good to you...find solutions.