Monday, March 7, 2011

This Just In

It is a fairly well known fact that Realtors don't change their picture/head shots very often. It is not uncommon for a Realtor to have a 20 year old picture. This doesn't cause any problems and it is just the way it IS!!! BUT, my head shot was taken only 7 years ago. True that was a few pounds ago and about an eon of stress ago (teenagers)....BUT only 7 years.

The other day while in my office, I was sitting at my desk with one of our marketing people and she looks up to the picture of me I have hanging up...(it is there to remind me that I am in fact a "smiling Realtor") and she says to me.."I have been meaning to talk to you about your head shot."

Ok I am thinking here comes the compliment. Heck it is a great shot...should be it cost me $500.
But OH no. She says "You really need to get a new picture."
HUH????? Brace yourself...It can't be bad, can it?
"This picture doesn't look anything like you. You need a new one."

OMG. I hate her. What the hell?? Why?? It is me and it looks like me. Well some part of me.
I used to like this woman. I used to think she was our marketing genius. How wrong I was. Never using her again.

So the real news that the results are in....
The Gyno's office called me and I am after all NOT pregnant. The ultrasound tech also called me to tell me that there is nothing going on inside of me. The poor dear was taken slightly aback when I yelled at her... "So are you telling me there is NOT a 20 pound tumor inside me?" She really really didn't know what to say. She tested me with a tiny chuckle. WRONGO bucko, this is not funny.

I guess I go back to the drawing board. ARG

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