Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Settling of the Dust

Well the dust is settling down around here. It does seem to be landing on my furniture more than usual. Maybe because I am not dusting (no exertion..Dr.'s orders... and dusting really takes it out of me.) Or maybe because there was just MORE dust. Who knows? Too much for me to ponder.

So the S--- on a Shingle disease seems to be subsiding..I think. How could it not? I am taking FIVE humongo Antiviral pills a day for SEVEN days. I should never ever ever get another virus in my life, right? Not sure how they work, but if they got all viruses there would be no more colds, etc.. But how can they work on this nasty virus that lays in wait in the dark recesses of my body, only to jump out and attack me when I am compromised??

Not like that!! When my immune system is tired. Talk about kicking an immune system when it's down. Don't have my MD yet so again, too much for me to ponder.

Naturally though on like day two of nasty stupid disease and no exertion orders....Bio gets sick. At first she is just kinda not feeling well. Not buying it...and I can't believe she could be so selfish. She was with me at the Dr. and heard that I have an actual condition....Then she gets the fever kinda sick. SHIT...There go all my plans for rest, rest , rest. She needs me to take care of her..YES she does!!

Thank God it only lasted about 48 hours. I am surprised it wasn't Mono, cause she is never one to be outdone, ya know. I think the quick recovery had to do with the fact that she is in LOVE and has to spend every fricken waking moment with her boo. VOMIT. They baby talk to each other!!! TOTAL PUKE VOMIT!!

Hub and I tell them all the time that it is so much more than annoying and that someday someone is gonna just projectile on them. They don't listen. This is a lesson they will need to learn o their own. I hope I am there...at a distance, cause ewww. And we can't say "Get a room" cause this is our minor daughter. ARG..whatever!!

Adorable went for his re-check at Children's Hospital LA ( I resigned btw). They did the neuro check, chatted with us and sent us on our merry way. He still has two weeks until he can resume any activities where he could hit his head...which is according to my calculations, like anything. But he can swim and exercise and run (I can see injury here) if he wants. HERE is the big problem...that is NOT what he wants.

He wants to do double back flips on the trampoline. He wants to go "Bomb" the hill on his "long board". He wants to take up Motocross...?? What is that?? He wants do anything where re-injury is imminent. WHY? WHY? WHY?

When he announces these desires, I start the lecture while trying not to hyperventilate. The Hub, however, just smirks with what I think is pride on his face. REALLY???? I am not a boy so I don't get this at all. TOOO much to ponder!!!

All I do know is that, my body can't Shingle it anymore thanks to the massive crap I have been swallowing. BUT it can still attack. It is clever. It is letting the stress go elsewhere. My scalp is flaking off, my body has a rash everywhere...and,yes it was confirmed to be unrelated to Shingle Bells. And that's not all. This old bod is busy doing other torturous things to me, but the visual is already overwhelming, even me.

WHERE is THAT diet wine???

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  1. Shingle bells...a joke, gnu?
    Darling girl...hang in there. And tell A that he can learn to play chess and he'd better like it, or he's got another think comin'. Just sayin'.