Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stress on a Shingle

Blog blog blog....
So, as Adorable heals to the point of becoming a pain in my tush....he can't really do much so of course he is a pain...I discover what I thought was a bug bite on my side.
Whoa it hurt. Had the Hub check it out. Yep a bite. Later it started to feel like a bruise around it. Oh GOD, I got bitten by the Flesh Eating spider....Naturally!!! What else would I get attacked by????
That night while the Hub was watching TV in the ex-cave room, he discovered the culprit. The nasty spider crawled up the arm of the chair and taunted the him. We have a strict 'No-Kill' policy here, but I guess we needed him in the event I might need an anti-venom...ya know, the "team" would need to know the exact arachnid that bit me. So it died and got bagged.
So sorry.
The next day I wake up and the pain sorta spread out. Hhhmmm? I thought the venom was just spreading out. But since I wasn't missing any flesh, I was relieved and went about my business. By that night it felt like my whole side had been whacked by an oar. So my Moms, told me I HAD to go see the Dr. in the morning STAT...(this is now MY word, well it isn't a word it is an..??? Bio????).
Yeah yeah, whatever.
In the a.m. I go. Show the Dr..
"Have you had a lot of stress lately?"
"Yes." I want to laugh, cause I way prefer it....but I get teary...ok I cry a little.
I tell a little glimpse of the Adorable hell and stop midway cause I am gonna really really cry if I go on.
"WTF"...Ok that is not really what I said.
"You need to take an Anti-viral (thing) five times a day and take it easy. Rest."
Cool, I like that.
Wait a second...
"Can I work out?"
"Work out, like exercise?"
I am thinking...don't play dumb with me...I have seen you at the gym....remember?? Three days before I came to see you for throwing my back out..AT THE GYM....
"Oh no! No exertion."
Really?? Really really??
The one fricken thing I want to do?? WANT to do, I can't???
Ok fine, then this is how this will go down:
I will not clean (as if), grocery shop do laundry or make meals. I will not taxi the kids around or supervise anything.
I will go to and from work.
I will lay around and read and sleep.
I will take bathes and lay around and read and sleep.
YEP, that is what I will do.
Who the hell am I kidding??
Poor Spider....


  1. Oh Connie...I am so sorry. Good that he diagnosed you quickly so you can take the meds for it. Hang in there...

  2. sounds like the perfect life to me ! :)

  3. AHHHhhh!! J.V. you are back. Where have you been? I missed ya!