Thursday, July 15, 2010


Drama take TWO.
Adorable came home from Children's and went directly into the cave room. Which is where he stayed while I showered...long, hot, heavenly shower. Put on the most ridiculous jammie pants in the world (pink with "Hello my name is High Maintenance" all over them...really...this turns into the don't wear dirty undies lesson). And then I blogged STAT. Ahhhh, peace. My Adorable is home, no one will wake him and I am clean.

Somewhere around home 15 hours, Adorable wakes sweaty and uncomfortable. He wishes to shower. Ok, he did it in the hospital once, he'll be ok. Get him in and decide to change the sheets to make it more comfy. The shower turns off and I go in (without looking...dear God not allowed!!) and ask him if he is ok...SHIT...he goes down. The STUEY monster fainted and knocked his HEAD on the shower door. OMG! AYKM???

I scream for the hub. He comes into the bathroom white as sheet (poor guy...he really got the crap end of all this) and tries to get him out of there. Starts to pick him up....he is conscious now. But like a slippery baby Adorable passes out again in Hubs arms. We get him to the bed and I call 911. AYKM???

Fire department boys come and they are so fricken awesome. They are quick, professional, gentle and cute. I love them. I am gonna bake for them.

Then the transport team arrives and we are off to Children's. Spoke to my angels on the phone and they both agreed to getting him some fluids and checking him out. OK whatever we need to do. Get in the ambulance and realize what I am wearing. OMG...I am NOT kidding right now...I seriously look like a mental patient.

We go through the ambulance bay date the only way I had entered this glorious new home. And we are in ER for a million hours. They are going to admit us, they just have to find a bed...Really do they lose them? Cause it takes really really long to find them.

While in the ER they order another Cat Scan...and give him MORE morphine. Dear God, he is only 13.

We go for the Scan. As he is being pulled out, he tells me his stomach hurts really bad. I think it is the bite of McFlurry he ate. NO, not that. He sits up and I see a little rash on his tummy. He tells me he is feeling weird and that his hands and feet are tingling. I look at his hands and they are seizing up. Same with his feet. OMG what is happening to him???

This scares the crap out of him and US. We get rushed back to the ER. Racing down the hall with the gurney and IV pole. The tech throws his ID badge at me to open the upcoming door. Running running.....OMG, AYKM??? (I wanna puke)

Turns out it was just a reaction to the morphine...but because the clever boy scared the entire ER, the scan results were read STAT...that is when STAT works for you.

The precious brain is fine and once they locate a rogue bed, we will get admitted. They found I think right where they left it. Forgetful?

Two more days living at Children's until the love boy could really eat before going home.
I liked my temporary home ok, but ahhhh coming home home...SWEET...(I cried)

He is improving now and has had some pain free days...followed by some more pain. But overall improving and we know his brain is fine (or gonna be).

The school called yesterday and said he has missed too much so he shouldn't come back to summer school...

Hmmmm? Is he that clever??????

I have to say that other than how silly I looked roaming the halls of the hospital in my pysch-ward outfit...there was nothing fun or funny about this...


  1. Wishing you no morphine, no stress, no CTs and more elastic waist pants. And possibly an unlimited supply of cocktails.

  2. What about the Uggs? I thought that was part of the uniform?
    Tell Alex to write a short story about fishing in Boca for me ...(like maybe about the time his dad fell off the dock?)

  3. Oh yeah, but it was fuzzy blue slippers..soooo fricken funny. I am surpized I didn't get hauled off to the looney bin...But you know how I feel about that.
    I will tell him to write the "Dumb Ass" story...

  4. Hang in there, all will be "normal" again soon and then we can all start whining and complaining again.