Thursday, April 14, 2011


We had an awesome time with the Sis Extraordinaire in beautiful FLA.

Boys did the fish fish and more fishing thing. Adorable could spend the rest of his eternity doing nothing else. The Hub, bless his heart, does it for the Adorable. Hub's blessed heart's not really in it.

Bio, Sis Ex, the Fredster (black lab) and I just hung hung hung out. Me, a little more then them. Thou, Fredster..well a little belly action there. (He can't read)

We had the best time and my skin issue is nearly gone. I think that Sis and Mom's diagnosis of de-stress and get sun and saltwater (thanks Mom) cured me. It is not a for sure though, cause I am also on Gluten free and a crap load of vitamins....well not that many, but weird ones. Like Milk Thistle and Corcumin..since you asked.

Anyway, don't really care what did it. I am feeling so much less like a Leper that my life is really improving. Also, I think Spring time helps. Maybe I have that SAD thing...Seasonal Affect Disorder. (hate the word disorder and is it affect/effect??)

Whatever..... I will get to the bottom of it some day. I am JUST happy to know that it is not the M-WORD. So pheewww on those who have had the unbelievable audacity to suggest such perverseness to me.

Coming home from the Eastern Time zone is always good, cause you have no trouble waking up early. And I like early, when no one is up. Peaceful.

Since we had thirteen thousand delays we got home two days before our bags. Whatever. No biggie. I got to go to work wearing something just a notch above pj's and have a valid excuse. It was comfy. But the next day, I had a real appointment that required professional attire so thankfully the bags were here.....Wait, I don't think I even wore anything from the suitcase. Whatever.

With the body clock not yet reset, I was up super early. Made lunches did the kid thing and decided I could get work-ready before driving them, go directly to my office and get some work done pre-appointment. I was loving this...

Get the kids off and am driving to work...Icky traffic in my Mayberry town at this time of day...but Whatever....I am early and I am de-stressed....ahhhh relax. Stop and Go traffic...Whatever...relax.. I still will get an hour of work in before my meeting...ahhh.

Then evidently there was some accident or some other stupid hold up and it took about 15 minutes to get to the next light. No problem still will have 45 minutes. Another 10 to get to the next light. No problem, I can at least go through my mail when I get in.

At this stop light I look down at my feet and see that I am wearing two different shoes!!!! Yea I really am that stupid. I was trying to decide which pair I liked better and since the fam couldn't decide unanimously I decided to walk around and think about it.

I forgot I was thinking about it I guess..... Race home, get the missing shoes..both, cause I am still undecided and now that I am flustered this is NO time to be making critical decisions like that. Race race race...ARG!!! Ya know those kids better learn how to make decisions for me before ....I don't even know. The only thing I DO know is that this was their fault!!!!

Whatever........ I think the skin condition is starting to come back...

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