Tuesday, January 18, 2011

NOT Ms. Julia

So everyday I give Bio a drinkable yogurt to help her tummy. It does seem to work, but today I had none. So being the conscientious Mommy that I am, I decided to make her a smoothie.

I keep plenty of frozen fruit...like Mangoes and Pineapple. I also freeze my questionable bananas.

So the smoothie consisted of yogurt, frozen mangoes, juice and a frozen 'nanner.

I threw it all into my trusted blender (not really so trusted any more since it is nearly 20 years old). Poured it into the to go cup and decided I should taste it. I rarely taste them since this is a fairly frequent occurrence. I make a mean smoothie... BUT, I did taste it. Holy crap I nearly died. It tasted really hot...which is quite the trick since it is frozen and all fruit.

Crap, I spit it out and then freaked out. I couldn't figure it out. I checked the dates on the yogurt and the juice. All cool. Hmmmm???? It was still a mystery when I threw it down the sink, washed out my mouth a million times. My stomach started burning. What the Hellga???

I then looked in the freezer. How can frozen fruit be bad???? That bad???

I took out the baggie that held the frozen 'nanner and Dear God.....it was a Frozen HOT Italian Sausage!!!!! I fell over laughing while holding back the urge to puke. Am I that stupid? HOLD on...please don't answer that.

OMG.....I am not the best in the kitchen.....but this has got to be the stupidest thing I have ever done.

To add insult to injury (ego and tummy) I made sucko lunches for the kid-lettes.

Then for dinner, since Bio had been gone on a retreat for the weekend, I wanted to make my veggie kid a lovely cheesy, veggie lasagna. Hugely involved. Followed the recipe...that SUCKED too.

I guess it figures that if I make a sausage smoothie, it would be an "at your own risk" kinda day....

But, forget it I am so out of the kitchen forever....

Sorry Hub, but you're up.....


  1. Oh, Connie -- we are truly sisters in the kitchen department.

  2. I'm still laughing, but still slightly nauseated.......