Thursday, December 9, 2010


This old vessel has betrayed me a number of times.

Like when for NO reason, one of my ovaries ruptured, causing internal bleeding and subsequent emergency surgery.

Or when my feet go numb during my work outs. And my hips and knees kinda complain lately when kickboxing...hmm?? Too old?? NOT!!!

Or when I got the Shingle Bells from stress....which didn't help the stress BTW.

BUT never ever my SKIN.

I have always had really great skin...which I thank my MOM for.

Never had breakouts.

Never had rashes.

Although my face is falling down down down, I have few wrinkles.

It always has been my ally.

NOT anymore.

It has decided to get rash-ie and my scalp is on fire. SO I do what normal people do and I go see the Dermo.

OK, I have some diagnosis. Something that is brought on from STRESS. (Theme??) I am armed with several prescriptions. Specials shampoo, cream, lotion and soap. FINE.... I will get them.

Go to Costco (LOVE Costco). Hand the Pharm Tech the FOUR Rx's and she says.."These are fairly expensive, even with insurance."

"Ok how much?" Cause I can't let my skin just fall off.

Honest to GOD;





With insurance!!!!!

Oh and the OTC crap I was supposed to get was around $25.oo!!!!

WHOA!!!! Never mind.

Of course Sis Extraordinaire is already on the case. She learns that condition is caused from stress and lack of sun. Really? I live in SoCal. How is this possible??

HA, no vacation this or last year. That's how.

After careful consideration, I decided that instead of spending nearly $1k on crap, I am gonna go on a vacation. alone or only with the Hub and lay around in the sun...

I think this will be money BETTER spent.

Well, when I get the money, that is!!

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  1. Poor Connieaaaa. Time for some pre-Christmas R and R, with a little S thrown into the mix (sun, that is). Get bettah!