Saturday, July 9, 2011

Forget it

Again Paranormal stuff is happening here.

It has been hot here, but normally at night I still sleep with jammies (sometimes a hood is required), covers and a heating pad. Sheees I sound like a cat.

Anyhoooo the last few nights, I have had the air on, my ceiling fan on high and a second fan blasting on my face while I sleep. AND STILL hot.

I am waking up not refreshed, hot and super starving. Really hungry. Like burning tummy hungry.

There are other mysteries too. Like memory stuff. I can't even remember what I was gonna tell you that I forgot. It'll come to me...probably in the middle of the hot night.

I have often been forgetful when there is a lot on my mind. You know, like when you are really busy at work and you get up from your desk and start walking, then completely forget why you got up? Everyone does that occasionally, right?

Well that is not the type of forgetfulness I am talking about. BUT I still can't remember the TYPE I am talking about.

Oh yeah, I think I got it.

The other day while preparing for a dinner party (which was lovely), I opened the fridge, remembered (yeah me) that I needed some room temperature butter.
Pheww, plenty of time for it to get to room temp. I needed my butter dish...
I looked everywhere even where it normally is. You know it is never where it normally is, so I guess that is not really it's normal spot. Whatever

Look look look....It was where it normally is (or isn't) and I missed it the first three times I looked. No worries I got it. THEN:
I couldn't find the stick of butter I had taken out. REALLY, I lost it in my kitchen and the ONE place it for sure WASN'T was in the fridge. I looked everywhere. How could I lose a stick of butter and what if it was somewhere hot? I think almost everywhere was hot since it was a million degrees out.
I finally had to quit looking and try very hard to convince myself that I am not really going crazy.
I went on about my not-so-merry way and continued cleaning and prepping the dinner. When I went to the drawer that holds my hot pads... I FOUND THE ROGUE STICK O' BUTTER!!!!
In the fricken drawer.
As I am seriously questioning my sanity, I over hear on my TV a movie trailer about some alien sucking memory out of human brains!!! Oh thank God. It is not my fault.

But where are those pesky aliens hanging out?

Wait..... what was I saying????


  1. check your thyroid. and call ghostbusters. definitely has an alien feel to it.

  2. Sounds like you are smack-dab (get it?) in the midst of the dreaded Mentalpause.