Tuesday, November 9, 2010


So 'No Good Deed Goes Unpunished'. I hate this saying, it is so negative. And I never ever knew how that could be true...UNTIL:


Yep the real honest to God "Mangy Dog" mange. It is real and normal, decent (most of the time) dog people's dogs can get it.
OK it is SOOOO true that I am not a great housekeeper and it is also true that we no longer have outside help with the cleaning...BUT MANGE?!?! Isn't that what junkyard dogs get?? Dear God..I am not a PIG.

So we puppy sat this cute, precious Golden baby named Koda at the end of the summer. His parents were going to Mexico (their Cabo house...not jealous) for a month and of course didn't want to take him. They didn't want to board him and their regular house/puppy sitter was unavailable.

Ok, Paraguay was leaving and I thought Koda could help us all transition.

First, puppies while cute as ever..are like BABIES, shit they ARE babies. They need special care. That was ok in the beginning cause I needed the distraction. But that was exactly when Adorable 13 tried to break his head....oh wait he did. ARG!!!! Don't go there...
(Not even sure how the puppy was cared for in my absence but Bio had it covered. HOLD on here, note to self: She can do things on her own. Next try laundry)

Koda came to us itchy itchy itchy. The mom and dad said "he is just always like that. Not to worry it is common in Golden's". Really?? I'd never heard this before. But ok, if you say so.

After Koda (A.K.), Gino Gigantic-or started itching. He is 105 pounds of big dog and when he itches the house shakes. It got so bad, we took him to the vet...THREE times before we got to the bottom of it. They did skin scrapings 3 times (while treating him for something else) and on the third scrape found what they thought were mange mite eggs....OMG...I am moving out!!!

This condition causes extreme itching, the hair falls out (cause the bastards bore down into the hair shaft) and the bald skin gets blackish and knobbly (word?) and they STINK. SO BAD. And you can bathe every second..which we didn't, and it does no good. That is just how it smells til it is gone.
Of course Old Man Pal got it too cause Gigantic-or is such a sharer (word?). So DOUBLE stink.

They needed a series of four shots a week apart and much more bathing with special shampoo.

They are on the mend now, but:

This good deed, cost me 7 vet visits (not an easy task), 10 shots, $20 shampoo, Steroids (for the wrong diagnosis) and a house that stunk (really really, to the point we wouldn't let anyone in it), way more cleaning and laundering than I am used to and a reputation that hopefully won't hit the dog park.

I am not sure when this massive black cloud will blow away, but it better hurry cause I am about outta sanity. hhmmm??? nah

BUT the moral of story is, Mom is always right. She's the one that warned me: "NO GOOD DEED GOES UNPUNISHED" So don't ask me to do anything for you.

Unless... you will pay me in wine. Then, maybe...


  1. O Connie -- what a blooming mess. I'm going to throw back a vino right this minute. (Please tell me that the dog's owners reimbursed you.)

  2. When I lived in Hong Kong, all the chickens had the mange. That was a sad sad sight. But their eggs were still good.

  3. Vet trips, what's that? They should have named a wing at the animal hospital for our old lab Jack-surgeries, surgeries for all the stuff he ate! Oh and all those late night trips to the emergerncy vet. I feel your pain. Chardonnay works well.